I Have been chronically ill for five years now. Wow; five years. Saying it out loud makes it seem like a lifetime. I am a single woman in my 30’s who does not receive financial support from my family. I have applied for SSDI— Social Security Disability. If you do not know, this process can take years— yes,years. There are three rounds of appeals. And 80% of applicants get denied during round one. Sadly, even though I have a very good medical case, I just received my first denial. To say I am devastated is putting it lightly.


In order to stay afloat monetarily during this period of waiting, I relied on the kindness of my cousin who is like a brother to me. He travels all over the world for work. It just so happened that he was in Macau, China at the end of January. If you remember, that was when President Trump ceased all flights to and from China. My cousin was stuck there. But we did not know this then, as the internet was down for a month in China, while Coronavirus wreaked havoc on their country.


So my monthly funds had disappeared. I was suddenly behind in my rent as COVID-19 made its way ashore here in the states. I called the Village of Arlington Heights and asked for their Social Services Department. Nicole Espinoza and her team helped get me on my feet so I was not scared of getting evicted. This was at the very beginning, before any laws about no evictions and such were put in place.


I fit were not for the Village of Arlington Heights Social Services Department,who knows what would have happened to me. I likely would have gotten so far behind on my rent, I could have become homeless. I have a little dog, too. What would I have done with him?


To you, the donors, you saved my life as I know it. And to you, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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