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Ways You Can Help

Contact any board member for information. You can find contact information for individual board members in the About Us tab.

Voucher System

Arlington Cares has implemented a voucher system to enable local businesses to provide pro bono services that will benefit residents who request help through the Village’s Emergency Assistance Fund.The types of services most needed by out clients, who are mostly single mothers, include the following:

Dental services
Auto repair
Hair /beauty care
Legal services
Home repair

If you would like to donate one of these services, or any other which may be appropriate, please contact Carol Jancek, Human Services Coordinator for the Village at (847) 368-5792, or email her at cjancek@vah.com. She will discuss the program with you and ask if you need to attach any conditions to your donation (are reservations required, etc). Our goal is to have several providers for each service so that no one is asked to donate more than once or twice a year.

A voucher form has been developed so that we can list your donation, conditions of service, contact information, etc. Each client that is referred to you will be given a form that confirms that they have been approved by the Village staff. This is to ensure that only individuals screened by staff are being referred to you.

Download our Voucher form's below.

Arlington Cares Announces New
Voucher Program

Roberta was a single mother with two small children who relied on her car to get her kids to a babysitter and commute to her job. When her car broke down she had no funds for repairs, and no back-up plan. In desperation, she contacted the Village of Arlington Heights and spoke with Carol Jancek, Human Services Coordinator. Luckily, Carol has a small budget that allows her to provide emergency assistance for residents. In this case, Roberta was fortunate since Carol was able to contact a local garage and arrange for the repairs at a reduced rate.

“Unfortunately”, Carol said, “in this economy, we are often contacted by people with emergency needs like Roberta’s but many times we don’t have the resources to help them. It’s a real problem faced by many of our residents”.

A new not-for-profit organization called Arlington Cares NFP has been formed to help address this need. ACNFP has a volunteer board who’s Chairman, Bob Ehlert said “the mission of Arlington Cares is to help our residents who have emergency needs due to loss of a job, breakup of a marriage, serious medical expenses, or in Roberta’s case, some basic auto repairs. Our help is a hand up, not a handout”.

The program relies on cash donations and some support by the Village but Chairman Ehlert has recently announced a new voucher assistance program. Businesses in the Village can donate needed services such as auto repairs, basic legal advice, dental services, even haircuts. “This is a way for our businesses to donate in-kind services that would really make a difference’, said Ehlert.

Jon Ridler, Executive Director of the Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce said,” This is a great way for our businesses to make non-cash donations that will assist people in need in our community”. For more information on Arlington Cares and its voucher assistance program, visit their website, www.arlingtoncaresnfp.org. Arlington Cares NFP is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization. Donations to the ACNFP are tax-deductible.

Donate by Mail

Make checks payable to “Arlington Cares NFP” and send to:

Arlington Cares, NFP
P.O. Box 575
Arlington Heights, IL 60006

Business Donations

Please complete our Business Donation Form and send via fax at 847-368-5980 or email at ArlingtonCares@gmail.com

Volunteer Opportunities

We are presently accepting applications for new Board Members.  Please complete our Volunteer Application and e-mail it to ArlingtonCares@gmail.com.

For questions, please call 847-368-5791.  

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