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About Us

Who are we?

In 2001, a group of Arlington Heights leaders saw a need in the community. All the people in Arlington Heights who were experiencing short term economic hardship were not able to access assistance because there just were not enough resources to go around. So, they formed a nonprofit to raise money to support community organizations that provided temporary emergency assistance for people living in Arlington Heights. We are an ALL volunteer organization with up to 11 people serving on a Board of Directors. We do not run any programs or have any paid staff. Everything that we do is all volunteer. We are neighbors helping neighbors.

What do we do?

We host fun and exciting social events year round aimed at engaging the community and raising money that we then gift to community groups and other programs such as the Village of Arlington Heights Emergency Assistance Program, that have programs providing temporary economic assistance. We do not run programs or have any paid staff. All distribution of funds for people in need comes from the organizations that receive grants from us.

Why do we do it? 

Arlington Cares is deeply dedicated to serving the needs of individuals and families in our community who are experiencing temporary economic hardship. One misfortune is often all it takes for a family to fall into a desperate situation.  Arlington Cares strengthens our neighbors’ ability to manage those financial hardships and create real change in their lives. We believe that each one of us in Arlington Heights deserves to be supported and strong. When we even support just one person, the whole Village of Arlington Heights, all of us, are stronger.

What is our impact? 

Over the past 20 years, your generosity has helped Arlington Cares provide over $100,000 to community groups with the largest grant recipient being the Village of Arlington Heights Emergency Assistance Fund. We have been able to help keep families in their homes, keep the heat on, and food on the table. Last year alone, our support helped over 1,500 people living in Arlington Heights.

Meet our Mascot - The Arlington Cares Bear

Everyone loves and needs a mascot.   At least we think so!  So, please meet our new mascot … the "Arlington Cares" Bear!  He made his debut at the Harmony Fest 2021.  He loves to help his neighbors and meet new people. He also loves to dance with kids and dogs! Be on the lookout for him at upcoming events around town!

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