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Supported Programs

Although Arlington Cares, NFP does not provide services directly, we support the following programs that are administered through the Human Services Division of Arlington Heights’ municipality. Arlington Cares works to raise funds so that these services can continue to help our residents.

The Village contributes a generous amount of dollars to the Emergency Assistance fund each year. The Salvation Army contributes dollars and is designed to assist all residents with an Arlington Heights mailing address, as well as transients. The Arlington Heights Ministerial Association also contributes dollars to assist residents but also permits monies to be used for transients in need and emergencies of travelers. Arlington Cares, NFP coordinates events to raise tax deductible funds that are given to the Emergency Assistance Fund.  Other resources are donations contributed by residents and businesses throughout the year.

The uniqueness of this service is that we work closely with other agencies to combine resources and services. Organizations such as St. Vincent DePaul Society, Faith Community Homes, Catholic Charities, CEDA, Northwest Compass, Alexian Center for Mental Health, Nami, Elk Grove, Palatine, and Wheeling Townships collaborate with the Village to offer the most comprehensive services possible. This enables the majority of those requesting assistance to receive help that will make a difference in their current situation.

Should an applicant’s needs be beyond the scope of the program, appropriate referrals are provided.

If you are in need of services, or want more detail on the programs the Village offers, you can call the Human Services Division at 847-368-5791.

Emergency Assistance Fund

This program assists the residents of Arlington Heights who find themselves in difficult financial times due to causes beyond their control, such as loss of employment, break up of a marriage, serious medical expenses, or an unexpected auto repair. Many of our clients live paycheck to paycheck, having low incomes or fixed incomes, such as those living on Social Security retirement or disability benefits.

This is a stop-gap program meant to help with short term assistance for problems under $500.  Anything larger we can offer guidance and resources to supplement the help the Village can offer.

Park District Scholarship

A scholarship for Park District programs is available for low-income families based on a sliding scale. The discount may be applied to park programs such as classes, Children at Play (before and after school care, pool passes).

Holiday Assistance Program

The Holiday Assistance Program works in partnership with the community to provide gifts and financial assistance for low-income families in our village. Residents and businesses sponsor individual families and provide food, gifts and other needs that the family may have.


Counseling subsidy is provided to residents based on a sliding scale. Residents are referred to participating community agencies.

Information and Referral

This service is provided to all people requesting help to address social needs for themselves or their family members.

Ready for School Program

The Ready for School program is a partnership between Faith Lutheran Church, Salvation Army, Northwest Community Healthcare, the Village of Arlington Heights, School District 25, School District 214, United Way, Arlington Cares NFP, and the Cook County Bus Company.